Beginning digital storytelling with Voice


Adobe Education


February 11, 2015 - 8.00am (PDT)


Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that lets you create stunning animated videos in minutes. In this beginner-level session, technology educator Mark DuBois will teach you how to create a fun digital story. 

Session Recording

Download the session materials here.

About the presenter

Mark DuBois has been teaching courses in web systems and security at ICC since 1999. He previously worked in business, industry, and state government. DuBois has been working with web technologies since 1992 and creating commercial websites since 1995. He decided it was time to give something back to his local community and share his passion through teaching at Illinois Central College. He created the first acceredited associate’s degree in web systems along with five separate certificate programs (web designer, web developer, webmaster, eCommerce, and rich Internet applications developer). DuBois also serves as the Director of Education for the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW).
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